Committees & Calendar

Attend, drop in, or join one of our committees today! All meetings are open to the public. Want to work on an issue you don’t see represented here? Work with us to set up a committee or work group with others who share your interest? Contact us and we’ll get you connected.

Steering committee

The Steering Committee (SC) includes officers (president(s), vice president(s), secretary, and treasurer), committee chairs, and the occasional “at-large” member. It’s open to membership to sit in on anytime. If you’d like to add something to our agenda, please let us know at least a week in advance. You’re welcome to join and talk to us about it or we can discuss it on our own- just let us know.

Meetings: Every second Thursday, 5:00-6:15pm, Zoom
Contact: Aaron Crandall and Chad Alan Goldberg,

Shared Governance Party

The Shared Governance Party (more formally, the Academic Staff Committee) seeks to promote and advance participation in campus shared governance committees, and to support and connect UFAS members who are participating in shared governance.

Meetings: We have a group Discord chat and mostly work asynchronously on Discord and through Google Docs.
Contact: Andrew Turner and Emily Reynolds,

Abolition / equity & diversity

The Abolition / EDC was formed in May of 2020 after the death of George Floyd. The immediate (and current) focus is on defunding and abolishing UWPD, and other similar campaigns related to abolition. We support student-led movements (including UW-BIPOC Coalition and ASM leadership), have hosted two book clubs, done multiple social media campaigns, and have formed a loose knit coalition of organizations on campus that are working towards abolition.

Meetings: We use Zoom as needed, and also work asynchronously through Google Docs, email, and Discord. 
Contact: Barret Elwards, 

Grievance committee

Meetings: We use Zoom as needed, and also work asynchronously through Google Docs, email, and Discord.
Contact: Michael Childers,

Organizing committee

This is where members strategize and map ways to engage members and potential members. Our primary function is to listen – to listen to the concerns and ideas of workers on campus and to help turn those concerns and ideas into action and campaigns. This includes mapping members on campus for department by department organizing, developing stewards so members in each unit have a contact, keeping records and contact information updated, and contacting new members and plugging them into the union. When active, this committee hears the most about what is on the minds of workers and where ideas for future campaigns and actions grow.

Meetings: Currently on pause

Compensation & benefits

CBC has been instrumental in many UFAS campaigns and organizing efforts! Leadership has been in transition. Its current work is mostly around Academic Staff Policies & Procedures (ASPP).

Meetings: We use Zoom as needed, as well as a Google group.

Comms committee

Comms has done the following: made a new website, wrote newsletters, set up a, designed flyers and stickers and sent them to every member on campus, launched the discord server, and made a new member resources folder. We are looking forward to making an instagram, members doing instagram takeovers, and making an intro video!

Meetings: Currently on pause

COVID-19 working group

The COVID-19 response working group includes UFAS members and others from campus and the surrounding community who seek to promote strong measures to protect the health of campus employees, students, and community members. Efforts have included an open letter to the Chancellor and a lending library of CO2 monitors and air filter boxes.

Meetings: Fridays at 5pm via Zoom, as well as asynchronously via Discord and a Google group.