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I want to see a full document of all faculty and staff salaries and titles at UW.

In an effort to provide the information that UW has been unwilling to share, UFAS submitted an Open Records Request for salary, title, and salary grades for every employee impacted by the Total Title and Compensation Project (TTC). After rejecting an earlier request in fall 2021, UW was forced to provide it after TTC officially went into effect on November 7th. On Thursday, November 11th, we sent an email to all UW-Madison workers that includes the information:

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I want to see my salary compared to others with my title.

  • Find out who on campus has the same title and salary range as you
  • Compare salaries with others who have the same title
  • Compare your title and salary range with others doing the same or similar work

I want to see how my position changed during TTC.

I want to show my UFAS pride!

Yes, wonderful! Here are some great ways to do so: