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What can members do?


To help build our union, click on the button below:

  1. You’ll be redirected to a secure website where you can sign up for membership.
  2. Go to the Membership tab and select “Join the Union.”
  3. Select your local: 0223 UFAS.
  4. Select your dues category. (This information is for union purposes only and will never be shared with an outside party.) Below is the UFAS dues structure. Please declare your dues tier based on your annual gross income level.
Dues tierMonthly duesAnnual income
Tier 1$11Less than $15,490
Tier 2$13.50$15,490 to $18,727
Tier 3$22$18,728 to $33,999
Tier 4$31.50$34,000 to $45,999
Tier 5$40.50$46,000 to $57,999
Tier 6$49$58,000 to $69,999
Tier 7$58$70,000 to $81,999
Tier 8$67$82,000 to $93,999
Tier 9$77$94,000 to $106,999
Tier 10$87$107,000 to $119,999
Tier 11$97$120,000 to $132,999
Tier 12$130$133,000 to $142,999
Tier 13$140$143,000 and up
Table of dues tiers

The dues are determined based on total (including summer salary of those 9-month employees who receive it) annual gross (pre-tax) salary and are collected monthly over 12 months. The dues schedule is used by everyone. Dues are not based on the amount of time you work; they are based on the amount of money you make in the 12-month period.


A 12-month employee makes $47,500 in a year. A nine-month employee makes $52,000 in the year (but they make it in nine months). Both would pay dues at the Tier 5 level because both their annual salaries fall within that tier.

Need financial support?

Update Your Membership

If you are already a member and need to update your membership, please contact the AFT-Wisconsin office. Updates include new credit cards, changes to your payment methods, or a change in your dues rate.

To update your dues, please contact Kathy Kreul, AFT-Wisconsin’s Executive Assistant, either by phone (608-662-1444) or by email (

About AFT

The American Federation of Teachers is the largest higher education union in the country, representing over 130,000 higher education faculty, professional staff and graduate employees. The AFT higher education department mission is to help our affiliates and their members prosper in the face of political, economic, and technological forces challenging the most basic assumptions about the union’s role on campus. The political attack on public service in general and public higher education in particular has, in part, resulted in:

  • tight budgets as well as anti-union presidents and boards of trustees;
  • attacks on tenure, shared governance and academic freedom;
  • exploitation of part-time/adjunct and other nontenure track faculty as well as graduate employees; and,
  • increased intervention from state and federal legislators.

Contact Information
The AFT higher education department is the primary contact for our local leaders and for other faculty who are interested in discussing AFT and higher education. If you need assistance, or are interested in discussing the possibilities of organizing with AFT, you can e-mail or call 202/879-4426.